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Cameron's Thoughts

Why would you want to know what I'm thinking? Weirdos.

Sam Adam's Chocolate Bock

I got the Sam Adams Winter Classics Variety Pack for Christmas. Since I've been moving, I haven't had a lot of chance to dive into those beers. I did finally start trying out some of the beers in there, and here is my short review of Sam Adam's Chocolate Bock.

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Palm Pre Review - My First Four Days

I purchased a Palm Pre as soon as they were available Saturday morning, so this is my review of the unit after using for the last four days. Just to give a background, this review will be comparing the Pre to some other similar devices I am fairly familiar with. My last phone was the HTC Touch that was running Windows Mobile 6.1. I also have a 2nd gen iPod Touch, so I'm familiar with most of the features of the iPhone as well. Additionally, I've used Palm devices in the past, owning a Palm m130 and a Sony Clie NX-60.

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What Went Wrong With Terminator Salvation

My last post was about my excitement with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and how I loved that show and how I couldn't wait to see Terminator Salvation. Sadly, I learned the show, which has now been cancelled, has a much better storyline. Please note that there will be SPOILERS in the review so you probably don't want to read past the second paragraph if you haven't watched it yet.

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Monster Mixxd

I first saw a can of Monster Mixxd at Speedway a few days ago. The same Speedway where I first saw Monster M-80. The same one that sadly no longer carries Monster M-80. I was sick earlier this week, so I wanted to save it for when I was feeling better. I've been looking forward to drinking this all week.


Monster M-80

I've been a fan of Monster Energy drink for some time now. It's helped me ween off of my 6-a-day Mountain Dew dependency that I had. I drink about one Monster a day and then water or Coke Zero now. It's helped me lose a few pounds. Plus, Monster has real sugar, so it's much better than that HFCS shit that is in Dew and every other pop out there.

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King Kong

I'm not post much as I'm heading off to bed. But, I will say, go see King Kong. I don't make many movie recommendations, but this is got to be one of the best movies to come out in a long time. FULL of action. And also a love story. It's got a little for everyone.

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The Polar Express in IMAX 3D

Now, I'll start by saying I am not real big on watching children's movies. But, there are a few I do like such as the Lion King and Shrek. But, Saturday night after work, Nickcole and I decided to go to the movies. There wasn't really any outstanding movies playing, but I noticed that there was a 3D version of the Polar Express playing at the IMAX theater. I have never been the IMAX as it has mostly had movies that I haven't wanted to see. And anything I did want to see was just a normal movie blown up for the bigger screen. But, based on the previews, I knew the Polar Express had some pretty impressive animations, and to see it in 3D would make it worthwhile to pay the extra charge for going to the IMAX.

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The Passion of the Christ

Saw The Passion of the Christ last night with Nickcole and her friend Mandy and her (now) fiancee Tim. It was quite a movie. Very realistic in every respect. I wasn't aware that the movie was going to be in another language. They went as far as to use the native tongue during the time of Jesus. Everything had to be read as subtitles. I usually will completely avoid movies like this since all the reading takes away from enjoying the movie. But, in this movie, it wasn't bad at all. For one thing, there wasn't a whole lot of dialog. When there was, it went pretty slow, so you could still view the movie comfortably.

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Betty Crocker Bowl Appetit Yummy!

Eating some lunch right now, and this Bowl Appetit stuff is good! Just add water and microwave and it's a good hot meal. Even better, it only cost $1.28 at Wal-Mart. A whole meal for a little over a dollar. Eating the three cheese kind right now, but I'm gonna have to get more of this stuff.