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Cameron's Thoughts

Why would you want to know what I'm thinking? Weirdos.

Gmail Ad Fun

Here's a random ad I found on Gmail. I feel for the people that thing this is a dream job.

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Gmail Chat Alert

Google always seems to impress me and the chat client in Gmail is just the newest thing they have impressed me with. But, it's hard to know when you get new messages. Saw this the other day and thought I would pass it along. http://ftp.rz.tu-bs.de/pub/mirror/downloads.mozdev.org/click2tab/gchatalert.xpi This adds a new message sound that alerts you of new mail. It's the same sound AIM uses for new messages. Very, very useful.


Exporting Gmail Contacts

Finally! You can export Gmail contacts. If you go into the contacts menu, in the top right corner, there is an export option next to import. This is very nice as I have been using Gmail for over a year and all my new contacts since then are all in there. I was looking around for some other hack to do this, but then I noticed the feature was there. It wasn't there two days ago as I needed to import the contacts into Eudora that I am using at work now. Awesome, a feature that was really needed, finally done. Maybe Gmail will be out of beta soon. :D

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GMail Anyone?

If anyone somehow still doesn't have a GMail account, and would like one, just feel free to leave a comment on this post or use my contact form to get ahold of me and I'll send one your way. Just make sure to give me a real email address. Google just gave most users 50 invites today, so, I have more than enough.


Quick and Easy Gmail Invites - Gmail Invite Automatic Spooler

I was starting to make something like this as a part of learning PHP, but it looks like someone else already has. It's an automatic Gmail inviter. Simply go to http://isnoop.net/gmailomatic.php and fill in your email address to receive a Gmail invite.


Gmail Invites Gone

Never mind on the Gmail invites. Last time I was given two and it took a couple weeks before I got rid of them, I got six this time, and traded one yesterday. Then, this morning, there were five requests in my inbox for invites, so apparently the demand is a little greater now. So I have handed out all my current invites.


More GMail Invites

Have a ton more Gmail invites now, so if anyone is lacking one, just click the Contact Me link on the right side of the page.


Gmail Notifier

I have been using GTray for a while now and it has been a very useful app for keeping me informed on new Gmail messages. It looks like Google is also aware of the need for such a program, and now Google has a beta of their own notification app, Gmail Notifier. Just downloaded, and while it seems to offer the same types of features, such as setting up mailto: links in websites to redirect to Gmail, it's nice to have an offical app

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Lifetime E-Mail Address

I was just browsing through whois records of domains (I had nothing better to do :) ), and I noticed that Gmail.com was originally registered back in 1995. So, I wondered what was originally on that domain. I went over to the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine and saw a copy of Gmail.com from December of 1996. Just a basic site offering an e-mail forwarding service. But, I have seen this a lot, "get a lifetime e-mail address".

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Why to Choose Gmail?

Not sure if Gmail is the best choice for your web-based e-mail? Flexbeta has a review that asks the question, Gmail, Is It Worth The Wait?

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Sending Your Opera Contacts to GMail

Now that GMail has support for importing your contact list, it's now time to upload your address book to GMail from Opera. But, GMail currently only imports CSV (comma separated values) format files. Not a big deal as most programs work with this format, but Opera doesn't export to CSV. Fortunately, there is a web-based tool that will convert Opera's format to CSV format.


Import all Your E-Mail to GMail

I just located this great free app that will help transfer all of your existing e-mail on your PC to your GMail account. If you use a Mozilla based e-mail program, you are in luck as it will easily work with this app. It's called GMail Loader. There is a number of e-mail formats supported, but the only common one is the mBox format used by Mozilla, Netscape and any other good app. Oddly, I always thought Opera used that format for exporting e-mail, but Opera e-mails are in an .MBS file, not a .MBX file like mBox. Good news for Opera users though, there is an MBS-to-MBX utility.

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GMail Invite

Since I have had the GMail service for about a week or so now, I now have one invite to give out. If anybody is wanting to try out this service, just post a reply here, or e-mail me. If I don't know who you are, please leave a good reason why you think you need one. :)



Easy desktop access of GMail accounts with GTray. I had just come across this app and it's a pretty cool idea. I might actually get some use out of my GMail account now.

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Just got a GMail account a couple days ago. The great people over at the Daily Gadget had a contest giving away ten invites to try out the service. I happened to have one of those invites. So I now have an address, cbulock(at)gmail.com.

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GMail from Google

Google has announced a new service called GMail. I have to wonder if this is some strange April Fools joke, or if this is a serious service they are offering. I remember reading not too long ago that Google had registered some domain names such as googlemail.com.