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Cameron's Thoughts

Why would you want to know what I'm thinking? Weirdos.

Local Channels

DirecTV has been offering local channels now for the last couple weeks and it is a very nice service to have. It does have it's plus and minus's though. For one thing, we don't get all the same channels that are available on cable. This is due to laws that the satellite services have to follow, so they can only offer channels in my market. So I can only get Lansing stations. This means that I can get ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. There is also a Lansing UPN station, but there are not on the service. DirecTV is required to provide the channel if the channel wants to be rebroadcast. Apparently they do not. I have tried contacting them over e-mail, but never got a response. We also don't get the WB, but for that I don't really care.

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Local Channels Coming Soon on DirecTV in My Area

DirecTV's 7S satellite is going to be launching on May 4th, which will soon be bringing local channels to a number of area's, including the Lansing, MI area where I am located in. This is good news. More info can be found at the Sea Launch website.

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Got the Tivo and DirecTV

Yea, it's been a while since I posted. I got the DirecTV with Tivo installed on Monday. As you can see, I have been a bit busy with it, and it is cutting into my computer time. The only reason I am posting right now is because it is slow as hell at work. It was kind of cool actually because earlier we were so slow they let over half of the tech support staff on break to go outside and play some football and Frisbee. Very strange to just let everyone stop working and go outside. We were all worried that when we came back to work, there would be a huge amount of calls on hold, but there were none. I actually didn't have a call for about five minutes once I came back.

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No Tivo Yet

:( The satellite system is sitting in my living room. Still in the box. And I can't open the box, so it is driving me nuts. Only the installer can open it, otherwise my warranty is void or something. Something came up yesterday, so the installer rescheduled. I'm not all that happy. I guess they are not coming back until Monday. And yesterday at work was a LONG day. Not only was I excited about coming home to my new TV setup, but I was hardly on the phone. I was only taking call 45% of the night. The rest of the time I was just sitting there. Not usually a bad thing, but yesterday it only made things go by even longer than necessary.

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DirecTV / Tivo Installing Today!!

I have went and ordered a DirectTV/Tivo combo unit. It is being delivered today, and the installer is even going to come out and install it the same day. It's a 35 hour unit. The Tivo's with the DirecTV reciever built in are probably the nicest one's you can get. If you add a regular Tivo to a digital cable box, or to a satellite system, the receivers get the digital video that is already compressed and converts it to analog to go to the TV. But then it goes into the Tivo and is converted back into digital and is recompressed. Then it goes right back out as an analog signal to the TV. The degrades the signal. Plus, a digital cable box can only output a single channel at a time, so there is no way for the Tivo to record anything while you are watching TV.

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Thinking about DirecTV

Recently I have been thinking about getting a DirecTV system. I currently have a basic cable package and looking at what DTV has to offer, I can get a ton more channels for the same price. And all digital. I was using digital cable a little while back, but I had to cut back on that to save some money. I do miss it a little.

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