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Cameron's Thoughts

Why would you want to know what I'm thinking? Weirdos.

Galaxy Nexus Info

I created a page detailing the current state of my phone. Thought people might be curious as to what ROM, kernel and other mods I prefer, so I threw this page together giving that info, and links where to download everything.

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GummyNex on the GalaxyNex

I finally decided to install a custom ROM on my Galaxy Nexus. I was initially planning to keep the phone on the stock ROM for as long as possible, but I decided that I wanted to get the lastest bug fixes from Android 4.0.3 and it seems like Google is never going to push them out. The ROM I went with is GummyNex. I've been very happy with it so far. It adds toggles to the notification shade for all the wireless functions such as Wifi, Bluetooth and even the 4G. I also like that I can add a dedicated search button to the bottom of the search. I miss having that and it's annoying to try and find where the search feature is in particular apps.

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Mobile Web Development

Once upon a time, writing a webpage for a mobile phone meant that you had to really limit what you were doing. Mobile phone development had three main limitations:

    1. Small screen size
      Limited markup capability
      Slow network connection
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    WebOS 1.3.1 and Auth Changes

    I purchased my Palm Pre the morning it came out. Within a couple of days, people had already figured out how to gain root access to the underlying Linux operating system. I've setup access since that time (early June). Since that time, everything has worked great. Update after update, Palm has never tinkered with anything related to the SSH access. After I installed WebOS 1.3.1, all of a sudden I could no longer access my phone over SSH. Unlike all those iPhones that just got hacked because they had enabled root access with no password, I have direct root access over SSH disabled. I have a separate SSH user created, which is just security common sense. Unfortunately, it seems that Palm had updated the /etc/passwd file in the latest update which removed my SSH user.

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    WebOS 1.3.1 Released Today

    The latest version of WebOS came out today, and the third big update since the Palm Pre came out. I'm about to download it here shortly. Precentral has details of what's included in the update. I have been using Preware to install patches to my phone, so this update also means it's time to remove those patches, and then reinstall after the update.

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    Palm Pre Installer

    I created a little install script for my Pre. It makes it easy to install homebrew apps. This requires root access. There are some apps that allow you to install directly from the Pre and also apps that work if the Pre is connected over USB. I don't really prefer these methods as I never connect my Pre to USB, and copying and pasting URL's on the Pre isn't too user friendly.

    # /bin/sh
    mount -o remount,rw /
    ipkg -o /var install $1
    luna-send -n 1 palm://com.palm.applicationManager/rescan {}
    mount -o remount,ro /
    You can then just name it something like install and chmod +x install and easily install any ipk file either locally or over the internet like so:
    ./install http://forums.precentral.net/spe_attachment/download-24521-com.palm.app
    That installs the Switcharoo wallpaper switch app.

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    Palm Pre Review Update

    I have an updated review posted for the Palm Pre on GadgetNutz. It's mostly the same review I had posted here previously, but it's updated with my one month impressions. Additionally, I don't post on this blog near as much as I used to. I mostly just post updates on Twitter, so you can follow me to get the latest info on there.

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    Apple iPhone

    Could a greater device ever be made? Probably, but this is the greatest thing that has come along so far. Apple iPhone

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    This Virus is Airborn

    Just saw this bad news. Seems smart phones have become too smart. EPOC.Cabir is a worm that infects Nokia Series 60 phones. Busy, so can't comment much but, damn, that sucks.

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    Maybe Sometime Technology Can Make Things Too Small

    T-Flash PhoneScoop has a story about Sandisk's new T-Flash memory card. I think for once, they might have taken this shrinking of technology too far. How hard would it be to lose your 1GB T-Flash card. That would be really pricy to lose. It cool that it is really small for use in cell phones, but maybe they should just put more onboard memory in them, and worry less about the expansion cards.

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    The First Music Video Shot Entirely on a Nokia 3650

    The first music video shot entirely on a Nokia 3650. A cool idea, but I'm not sure I would exactly call this a music video. More like a guy doing a really bad dance to not so great music. But it was all filmed using a Nokia 3650 so it's cool with me. :)

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    Panasonic X700

    Panasonic X700I think this might just be my next phone. I LOVE Series 60 and this is the first clamshell Series 60 phone. Ever since purchasing my Nokia 3650, I have been wondering about my need for a Palm OS device.

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    More Cell Phone Fun

    After owning my 3650 for a little while now, I have never been able to get the thing to sync with Outlook. I think the install of PC Suite must have been corrupted or something. I had uninstalled and re-installed numerous times (as seen in the Bluetooth fun posts), but that was to get the PC Suite to just see the phone. I didn't want to attempt another re-install just to get the sync to work as I figured another reinstall would probably do more harm than good.

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    More Bluetooth Fun

    On Sept. 26, I wrote the first part of this article, Bluetooth Fun. It's been a while and I just finally got the damn PC Suite to work today. Actually, I have no idea what I did, but when I tried it, it connected to my phone and worked fine. For the longest time, the PC Suite application kept saying 'Device not Connected' even though it was.

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    Bluetooth Fun

    You would think after how many years it took for Bluetooth to finally get into the market, that using it would be a piece of cake. For some things it is, for some things it's a PITA. Having just recently purchased a Nokia 3650 and getting a Bluetooth dongle for my PC, I have now had my first experience setting up Bluetooth. For things like sending files back and forth, it's so easy. Actually, easier than I expected.

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    Sample Pics

    Since one of the cool features of my new phone is a camera, here are some pics that I took with the phone.

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    New Phone

    I have been busy recently trying out my new phone. I just upgraded to the Nokia 3650. It has so many features it's hard to believe it's a phone. I will soon be working on a webpage dedicated to the Nokia 3650 phones (why not!! :) )

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