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Two Hour Delay

I receive a phone call at 5:30am this morning. Of course, I am immediately concerned as to what it could be, and I am dead tired. The great news is that it is a call from the kids' school district. They reported there would be a two hour delay today. It was really great news. It's like someone calling and saying, "Hello, I'd like to inform you that you can get an extra two hours of sleep this morning". I was pretty happy to hear that news, I went and turned off the kids alarm clock, re-adjusted mine, and fell happily back to sleep.
It is also really nice that the school started to do that to begin with. They now call everyone when there is a delay or a closure. It's much easier than waking up and checking for closures and I wouldn't have even thought to check today as the weather didn't seem to be out of the ordinary. The odd thing was that Hailey actually woke up earlier than usual today. The kids will typically never wake up before their alarm on school days. Yet, this morning Hailey was waking me up ten minutes before her alarm would have went off asking me some question. I then let her know she could go back to bed as there was a delay. She was really excited, but then asked if she could play on the computer.

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Crazy kids always wanting to be up all early.

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